"Onolicious Treats"


 **I do not take orders for SUNDAYS

**Cupcakes may not look exactly how it does in the pictures.  It will be the same cupcake but may look different**



$0.75 each (minimum of 4 dozen)



$15/dozen (Minimum of 2dz 1 flavor each dozen)

-Red Velvet  (Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese Frosting sprinkled with red sprinkles)

-Snicker Doodle  (Brown Sugar, Vanilla cupcake, & brown sugar on the top)

-Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie (chocolate cookie underneath a brownie **OPTIONAL: Cool whip frosting)

-Peanut Butter & Jelly  (vanilla cupcake filled with strawberry jam, topped with a peanut butter butter cream frosting)

-Rainbow  (4 beautiful colors combined to make a cupcake) 

-Orange Dream  (Orange cake, filled with coole whip and topped with Cool Whip)

-Dave's Surprise (yellow cake with cherries in the middle)

-Maple-Bacon (Vanilla cupcake, with Maple buttercream frosting, & Bacon soaked in maple syrup)

-Strawberry Banana Smoothie  (Strawberry Cake with bananas, cool whip topping with strawberry syrup and slice of banana)

-Choclate Potato Chip Tornado  (Chocolate cake wth chocolate frosting, topped off with crush potato chips)

-Reese Peanut Butter Cup  (Yellow cake with a reese peanut butter cup inside; NO FROSTING IS NEEDED for this cupcake)

-Fun-Fetti  (vanilla cake mixed with rainbow sprinkles, topped with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles)

-Strawberry Cream Cheese  (Strawberry cake, strawberry jam filling, cream cheese frosting with sprinkles and fresh slice of strawberry)

-Strawberry Shortcake  (Just like the parfait-- yellow cake, filled with vanilla pudding, topped with cool whip, strawberry sauce, and fresh slice strawberry)

-Twix (shortbread cookie, chocolate cake, filled with caramel sauce, topped with caramel frosting and twix candy)

-Chocolate Strawberry Crème  (Chocolate cake cut on top, filled with cool whip and fresh strawberry slices, coated with powdered sugar)

-Kokoleka Spazz  (chocolate cupcake, with a chocolate cream cheese frosting, & topped with oreo cookie crumbs)

-Mocha Lover's  (chocolate cupcake with chocolate nestles, topped with a coffee/mocha cream cheese frosting, drizzled with chocolate syrup)

 -Mint Cookie Crumbs (chocolate cupcake with mint candy, topped with a mint buttercream  frosting, and cookie crumbs)

 -Salted Caramel  (chocolate cupcake with Milk filling, topped with cool whip, drizzled caramel sauce and sea salt)

-Chocolate Peanut Butter  (chocolate cupcake with Peanut Butter Cream Cheese frosting, drizzled with chocolate sauce)

 -Chocolate Lilikoi  (chocolate cupcake with Lilikoi cream cheese frosting sprinkled with orange sprinkles)

-Oreo  (chocolate cupcake with oreo frosting and 1 mini oreo as garnish)

-Strawberry Pineapple Orange  (strawberry cupcake with Pineapple Orange Cream Cheese Frosting)

-Passion Orange  (orange cupcake with Passion Orange cream cheese frosting)

-Fruity Pebbles  (yellow cake with Fruity Pebbles cereal mixed inside, topped with a orange sherbet cream cheese frosting and garnished with more fruity pebble cereal) 

-Strawberry Cheesecake cupcake  (Strawberry cake filled with Strawberry jam, topped with cream cheese frosting, drizzled with Strawberry syrup and sprinkled graham cracker crumbs)

 -Andes Mint (chocolate cake, filled with a chocolate mint, topped with mint buttercream frosting and garnished with a Andes Mint chocolate)

-Chocolate Banana Cookie Dough (chocolate cake, topped with a cookie dough frosting and garnished with a mini chocolate chip cookie)

-Samoa (chocolate cake, with a caramel frosting, topped with coconut caramel and chocolate drizzle)

-Nutter Butter Banana (yellow cake, topped with Nutter butter frosting and garnished with a Nutter butter cookie)

-Pineapple Cream (yellow cake mixed with pineapple juice, topped with a cream cheese frosting and garnished with a maraschino cherry)

-Rocky Road (chocolate cake, topped with chocolate frosting, garnished with mini marshmallows and almonds)

-Chocolate Pistachio (chocolate cake, topped with chocolate frosting and garnished with crush pistachio nuts)

-Cake Batter (yellow cake mixed with colorful sprinkles, topped with a cake batter frosting and garnished with more colorful sprinkles)

-Cinnamon Toast Crunch (cinnamon cake, topped with a cinnamon toast crunch buttercream frosting and garnished with crushed cinnamon toast crunch cereal)

-Chocolate Dobash  (chocolate cake topped with chocolate frosting)



-Vanilla Peppermint (DECEMBER ONLY)  (vanilla cupcake with peppermint candy, topped with a french vanilla buttercream frosting, sprinkled with more peppermint candy)

-Pumpkin Spice  (yellow cake mixed with pumpkin puree, filled with cream, no topping for this one)

 -Chocolate Candy Cane  (chocolate cake, topped with a chocolate peppermint frosting, and garnished with candy cane crumbs)




**Minimum order is 2 dz (1 flavor per dozen)

**Alcohol cupcakes only comes in regular size, no mini sizes

**More flavors will be added as time proceeds (please be patient for we want this to be perfect, especially working with alcohol)

If you don't see something you want on here, let me know and maybe I can whip up something for you...... 


-Tequila & Lime (Tequila alcohol cake topped with a Tequila lime frosting and garnished with a slice of lime and salt)

-Coconut Rum (Vanilla coconut rum cake topped with a vanilla frosting and garnished with shredded coconut) 


Ono Packs (samples): Ono packs are also made by order.

Ono packs consist of 1dz cupcakes (regular size) $15 per pack

-6 different flavors

-2 cupcakes per flavors 

 ** Please keep in mind that Ono Packs consist of only regular size cupcakes, no other desserts**



 **Minimum order of 2 dozen**$15/dozen***

***Minis are also available at $0.75 per mini***Minimum order of 4 dozens***

 *** 8x8 pans are available for $7.00 per pan*** 

-Strawberry (only when available), cherry, blueberry, apple, peach,raspberry

**Mango is only available during mango season 

**Lilikoi is only available during lilikoi season 


CAKE IN A CUP (see photo for details):

*3 oz cup - **Minimum order of 2 dozens**$15/dozen, 1 Flavor per dozen***

*5 oz cup - **Minimum order of 2 dozens**$25/dozen, 1 flavor per dozen***

*8 oz jars **Minimum order of 1 dozens**$65/dozen, 1 flavor per dozen*** 

*We can always put the nuts aside to accomidate people who may be allergic

-Strawberry Shortcake (yellow cake, french vanilla pudding, cool whip, drizzled with strawberry sauce, and slices of fresh strawberries)

*Caramel Banana(yellow cake, banana cream pudding, cool whip, drizzled with caramel sauce, mix nuts, and slices of fresh bananas)

-Chocolate Strawberry (strawberry cake, chocolate pudding, cool whip, drizzled with chocolate syrup, and slices of fresh strawberries) This is like a chocolate covered strawberry

-Strawberry "CHEESE-CAKE" (graham crumbs, cheese cake pieces, drizzled with strawberry sauce, cool whip, & more graham crumbs)

-Jello (any flavor jello topped with whipped cream)

-Strawberry Madness (strawberry cake, strawberry syrup, cheesecake pudding (red), cool whip, more strawberry syrup, red sprinkles, & fresh strawberries)

-Caramel Butter Pecan  (butter pecan cake, caramel sauce, cool whip, more caramel sauce, chopped pecans)

-Pistachio (yellow cake, pastachio pudding, cool whip, pistachio nuts, & caramel sauce)

-Chocolate Lover's (Chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, cool whip, chocolate syrup)

-Oreo cookie (Chocolate cake, cookie & cream pudding, cool whip, chocolate syrup topped with an oreo cookie)


MINI PIES: (See photos for details)

**Minimum order of 2 dozens**$15/dozen, 1 flavor per dozen**

*We can always put the nuts on the side should you be allergic

*These pies contains Cool Whip 

-*Banana Cream Pie 

-Chocolate Pudding Pie 

-Shantelle's Special 


REGULAR SIZE PIES: (See photos for details)

 **Minimum order of 2 pies**$12/per**

*We can always put the nuts on the side should you be allergic


**CUSTOMIZED COOKIES- depending on design, prices vary

**Minimum order of 3 dozen

**Cookies are sold individual not by the dozen

Customized cookies are done with sugar cookie ONLY & are unwrapped

**Order must be put in 5 weeks in advance for customized cookies**

-Li Hing Mui Cookies - $2.00 each

-Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies - $2.00 each

-Oatmeal Raisin Cookies - $2.00 each

-Hurricane Popcorn Cookies - $2.00 each



**$30 per cake** 

11x13 size ONLY see photo for details..... If you don't see what you want, just ask and I may make it. My top seller is my ORANGE DREAM CAKE.  


Orders over 6 dozens will need to be place 2-3 weeks in advance.  If not placed within this time frame, you will be charged $15 extra.  Payment for your order will be due within 3 business days.  Should you need to cancel your order, this needs to be done 48 hours before your date in which I will return your payment. 



(upon request)

Thanks for your support and we look forward to doing business with you. Should you have any questions, please feel free to email me at onolicioustreats@yahoo.com. Follow me on IG @onolicious_treats

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